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The Many ECA Applications

Posted by Nikki Wilson on Oct 4, 2016 8:05:04 AM
Electrochemically Activated Water (ECA) is a broad spectrum anti-microbial agent. Where there are microorganisms there is a use for ECA, whether its cutting boards, processing factory pipes or the water supply on a cruise ship, safe to say ECA water is applied there.
In our experience ECA is successfully applied in environments and industries which have a direct impact on human and product safety namely; Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Farming, Animal husbandry, Fishing and Aquaculture, Hospitality, Legionella and Water treatment, even medically in hospitals.
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New Product NOW Generator for Beverage Market CIP

Posted by Nikki Wilson on Aug 4, 2016 9:04:38 AM

Cleaning in Place is a regular occurance at any Beverage factory, to ensure that product lines are free and clear from residues and microorgansims. 

Chemicals such as Causic Soda, Peroxide and Chlorine are traditionally used to acheive this, however, there has been a worthly alternative to "Chemical CIP" on the market for some time.

ECA water CIP provides its clients with peace of mind as it is completely non-toxic yet it gets the job done efficiently. 

Past generations of ECA equipment were not without their limitations, though, Radical Waters have been working for some time behind the scenes, to adapt and advance the technology to better suite you, our customers.

Our NEW N.O.W (Neutral Oxidant Water) Generators offer:

  • Easy use and low maintenance
  • Low Chloride to protect CIP equipment
  • Remote Monitoring
  • New Reactor Cell Technology from Europe
  • Worker & Product safety
  • Good ROI (Chemical, Water and Time savings)
  • A green solution that assists with effluent management
  • Highly effective Anolyte and Catholyte disinfectant and detergent solutions that are;
    • on site and on demand
    • cost less than 0.01USD to produce per litre

 Contact us today for a FREE ASSESSMENT OF YOUR CIP ECA solution requirements. 



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Poultry hygiene with Anolyte increasing productivity and cost savings

Posted by Philip Nel on Jun 6, 2016 7:18:30 AM

Diseases and infections cost farmers substantial amounts in proft loss annually, especially in the hatchery. Fortunately for poultry farming the major contributing issue of microbial contamination, can be eliminated and controlled on an ongoing basis, using proper management practices and modern health products.

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Dairy Contamination is a Common Problem that Anolyte can Fix

Posted by Nikki Wilson on May 4, 2016 5:59:36 AM

Dairy Diseases have always been a major concern to the industry. However, with modern technology and proper dairy farm management, microbial contamination can be prevented and effectively controlled.

Radical Waters ECA technology solutions, offer complete eco-friendly and cost effective hygiene that begins initially by treating the water and continues through barns and the field.  In fact treating the entire farm with ECA water solutions could well provide a host of benefits to dairy producers including:

  • Provide a cleaner, safer, low-odour environment
  • Improve milk quality and increase production
  • Improved livestock health and quality of life
  • Higher quality crop and feed
  • Cost savings or compete removal of ‘traditional’ chemicals and detergents 

We believe that our ECA solutions may be used to treat all surfaces and stages of dairy operations, from soil and water to animal feed to meat processing, by eliminating dangerous and unhealthy pathogens from the dairy environment with organically based and highly effective solutions.

Independent laboratory studies have proven that our ECA water solutions are non-toxic. At the dilutions used, the fluids and products are environmentally safe and non-toxic and do not contain or leave harmful residues associated with chemical-based supplements or disinfecting and cleaning agents.

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Enhance Meat Processing Safety with ECA Anolyte

Posted by Philip Nel on Mar 31, 2016 4:44:59 AM

Research conducted by Radical Waters in abattoirs, deboning and meat processing plants have been focussed on the extension of shelf life of meat and meat products thereby enhancing meat safety.  Through the development of application methods of ECA solutions in the meat industry, high quality products can now be rendered by effective decontamination of water, surfaces, equipment and carcasses.

The application and monitoring system developed by Radical Waters ECA Water aims to achieve maximum reduction of bacterial counts at critical control points in the abattoirs, deboning and processing plants, thus ensuring that the HACCP system can effectively be applied to the product before entering the deboning facility.  Microbiological sampling during deboning and processing is furthermore advocated to ensure optimal end product quality. 

NB: this system does not replace sound hygiene and management systems.  It purely serves to enhance these standard practices.

Food safety worldwide is of great concern to the industry and consumer alike.  Increased demands result in higher line speeds and extended shifts, frequently in older facilities.  This incidence of food borne diseases is on the increase despite enforced regulations and sophisticated management systems.  Product recalls and returns amount to massive losses to the industry annually.

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Dairy Farm Management Challenges and ECA Water

Posted by Philip Nel on Mar 3, 2016 9:24:49 AM

The Challenges

Production efficiency is of the utmost importance to milk producers, especially considering that operating margins are generally quite restricted. Quality dairy cows and their offspring are thus valuable assets, and need to be able to produce optimally over their lifespan. Unfortunately, optimal production can be difficult to achieve due to adverse events, such as:

  • Clinical and sub clinical mastitis resulting in production loss, treatment costs, discarding of milk, veterinary expenses and extra labour
  • Death due to calf-hood and other diseases
  • Delayed conception due to metritis, increased feeding costs
  • Metabolic diseases such as acidosis and bloat resulting in production loss

 The above factors highlight the importance of overall herd health.

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Anolyte Ice assists Cold Chain Management

Posted by Nikki Wilson on Feb 8, 2016 5:57:04 AM

Proper cold chain management is critical in the seafood processing industry. Keeping fresh fish at the right temperature after catching until sold to the end consumer will ensure its freshness and quality, however, spoilage of fresh fish can never be stopped, but it can certainly be controlled.

Two key factors that assist with the extension of shelf life in fresh fish are time and temperature. Temperature is in fact a legal requirement for food producers, which must ensure that all frozen and chilled foods are kept at the correct temperature throughout the cold chain.

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What are the different types of Microorganisims?

Posted by Nikki Wilson on Jan 25, 2016 7:49:27 AM
Electro-chemically Activated Water (ECA), has a unique mechanism of biocidal action which is distinct from that of chemicals. It has been repeatedly shown that food bacteria and microorganisms cannot build up a tolerance to our charged based ECA technology. 
While there are many ways to apply ECA,  lets first have a look at the types of organisms we are dealing with....:
  1. Pathogens - are disease causing microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasite and fungi)
  2. Bacteria - single celled living microorganisms responsible for the decay of many plant and animal diseases.
  3. Virus - The smallest of the microbial food contaminants, viruses rely on a living host to reproduce. 
  4. Parasite - An organism that needs a living host to survive.
  5. Fungi - can be single celled or multi cellular microorganisms can that can cause food spoilage and lives by absorbing nutrients from organic matter

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ECA Water Saves Water

Posted by Nikki Wilson on Jan 11, 2016 8:21:12 AM

As ECA Water Technology is made using salt + water the ingredients are safe to handle, store and apply. But what has this got to do with saving water? Well, technically speaking, once ECA is applied it requires no rinsing from surfaces; unlike chemicals which consume a great deal of water through subsequent rinse cycles. 

If you think small scale it might not seem like much, but when we're looking at large production lines, our 20 plus years’ experience with ECA has seen Companies saving thousands of dollars in water while being assisted with the environmental challenge of water conservancy.

We all know by now, water is becoming scarce.

The water crises is not a new problem, but rather a prevailing one, and so it's time to change the way we've always done things, so that we can achive a different result.

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Environmental Benefits of ECA Water for CIP

Posted by Nikki Wilson on Dec 7, 2015 9:00:16 AM

Specific environmental benefits associated with ECA for Cleaning in Place


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